Derbystar Canada Incorporated is the official Canadian Distributor for DERBYSTAR products.

DERBYSTAR is a German company that has been built on tradition.  The brand DERBYSTAR has been available in Germany since 1963.  The goal of the company was to provide the various hand and football sports with excellent sporting equipment and to continuously further develop and improve the quality.  

By the end of the 70s, DERBYSTAR was one of the first manufacturers who began using synthetic materials instead of the famous 'leather'.  This decision was revolutionary.

Due to the high quality, DERBYSTAR soccer balls have played an important role in the German Bundesliga since its inception.  Following the adoption of the ball by several leading German teams, DERBYSTAR was exclusively played with by all clubs in the Bundesliga in the 1979/80 season.  Since then, the brand has lost some promotional ground in professional German football due to the large sponsoring budgets of competing brands, however many top coaches and players (in and outside of Germany) still consider DERBYSTAR to be the best football worldwide, qualifying DERBYSTAR as THE BALL.

DERBYSTAR is a market leader in Germany and Holland and continues to offer a product of high quality to these two discerning markets.